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Individual Sessions

I offer individual sessions where I get you feeling better right away. I use approaches that make changes in your mind. These sessions leave you feeling lighter with more clarity and more energy.

60 Minute Sessions include:

  • Working through what has been bothering you that you have not been able to figure out on your own yet.
  • Tuning your mind
  • Changing patterns that are no longer optimal for you.
  • Exercises you can take with you that work specifically for you.

60 Minute Sessions are a good fit for you if:

  • You want to maximize your potential.
  • You are having a difficult time processing something.
  • You are feeling "off" and you don't know why.
  • Are currently under a lot of stress.
  • You want to understand something about yourself.

30 Minute Sessions  ($80 Cash-Credit Card only) include:

  • Assessment of how your mind has been working lately.
  • 2-3 Recommendations

30 Minute Sessions are a good fit for you if:

  • Your focus and attention is more suited to a 30 minute tuneup.
  • You want quick and specific things that apply to you to do for your mental health.
  • You are committed to your ongoing mental health.
  • 30 minutes is an optimal amount of time in your lifestyle.

Monthly Check Up

  • For those individuals who want to stay in front of their mental health on an ongoing basis.
  • For those who are seeking an unbiased 3rd party to provide personalized feedback.
  • You want a therapist who you can turn to from time to time who knows and understands who you are.
  • Sessions include assessment and recommendations
  • Individuals will receive my latest and most current mental health approaches and ways of thinking.

Change Your Life Programs

I offer 6 and 12 week programs to speed up your growth and development so you can get to where you want to go faster.

These programs include:

  • Weekly online sessions
  • Identify what you want in life and why you want it and why this is important.
  • Clear out unresolved trauma and change your relationship to your past. We identify areas of discontinuity (distraction and sabatoge) and re-establish continuation into your preferred future.
  • Help you understand how to feel good moment by moment and why this is so important in how you get to your preferred future.
  • Work with you so that you have a sense of ease and enjoyment on the way to your preferred future.
  • Help you know and experience how to use your mind toward what you want and desire.

These programs are a good fit for you if:

  • You want to change the trajectory of your life.
  • You are ready to make a commitment to yourself and to changing your future.
  • You are willing to incorporate meditation as a daily practice.
  • You want to feel better.
  • You value your freedom.
  • There is something you want and you want tools and techniques that help you achieve it.

If you would like more information on our Change Your Life Programs please call or TEXT  at 815-935-5053.

Speaking and Talks to Your Group

I will come to your group and talk to you about some of our latest thoughts and ideas about mental health and feeling better and how to work with your mind to optimize your life. My talks are a combination of providing new perspectives and giving tools and techniques that you can immediately use. I am interested in renewing people's minds so that they can be happier and simply do better in all areas of their lives.  If you are interested in me coming to talk to your group please email me at

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