Vision and Mission

We are committed to the optimal functioning of each of our clients. Our vision is to optimize as many people as possible through individual session visits, life transformation programs, and speaking.

Our mission: We exist to impact as many people as possible by clearing out emotional pain and preoccupation so that more people are able to live lightly and freely. We seek to see our clients at the level of their highest self --being whole--and then seeing them doing what is good to do from that place of wholeness.

How we work. What differentiates us is we seek to cause transformation from the inside out.

Most of the current models of change (talk therapy and coaching) are based on what we refer to as the moral model.

The moral model of change works by trying to get us to do better by making us feel there is something wrong with us. This idea is engrained in us. Phrases like—“I know I need to work on that” or “what is wrong with you?", or “why did you do that?” are examples of this model in action.

We do not believe these models work very well, In fact we not only believe this moral model does not work but we also believe it creates additional pain and suffering in people's lives. 

For example the moral model of change tends to increase self-centeredness. We believe people do not feel better by becoming more self conscious. Instead people feel worse. Yet this is the trap of self improvement via the moral model.

We believe feelings are caused by the inner mind in order to get us to do something.  This is great when there is something to be done, but take for example guilt. With guilt the mind reads the event as if it is still happening (I should have been better than I was) so the inner mind is thinking there is something that needs to be done about something that is no longer happening.  That part of the mind which causes emotions is trying to get us to stop something from happening or prevent something from happening that is no longer happening. 

So how do we fix this? The way we work is we re-process feelings such as guilt and shame through conscious education.  Then we work directly with the subconscious so it understands there is nothing that needs to be done about the thing that is causing unwanted feelings such as guilt and shame.

This allows us to create shifts at the level of the subconscious. By getting to the heart of the matter we are able to identify existing filters that have been operating at the subconscious level. These filters have been screening things in and screening things out-- keeping someone repeating existing patterns of thought, feelings, and behaviors. As these filters are cleared out energy gets freed up-- causing a transformation. Because the shift is made at the level below conscious awareness, we have been told the changes feel automatic, natural, and ongoing!


Jon Dodds

Whoever I come in contact with through counseling, speaking, even casual conversation——- my intention is for them to realize their full potential and to become whole. As they are becoming more whole they have more peace and contentment and are able to show up honestly in their relationships, careers, and personal life. As a result their life feels very satisfying to them.


I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. I have a PhD in counseling. I am licensed mental health provider in the State of Illinois and in the State of Florida.

When We Meet:

As I begin to see what is possible for people I also begin to see what is in their way—-what is holding them back——how their self is somehow in their way. I use innovative techniques and multilevel communication to clear out these hindrances. This then frees up energy that can go toward the things that will be more satisfying to them.

About me:

Much of my life I struggled with shyness and anxiety. I also carried around many mistaken beliefs——beliefs about how I thought things should be, how I thought the world should be, how I thought others should be, or how I thought I was supposed to be. These mistaken beliefs distracted me and held me back and caused my life to be difficult and they weighed me down—-often making it difficult to sustain forward positive momentum. Often I took on responsibilities that were not mine or I worried about things I had no control over. This all caused me to feel like something was missing in my life and only perpetuated my struggle which resulted in feelings of guilt and shame.

Now I have a lot less anxiety and often no anxiety at all. I feel lighter and freer. I hardly think about myself. I am being freed up to experience life.

My life has already surpassed what I ever could have imagined. I still have problems and challenges but I face them more calmly and thoughtfully. 

I enjoy riding motorcycles, flying airplanes, studying jazz piano, and enjoying nice dinners out with my family of three grown daughters, my son-in-laws and five grandchildren.

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                                                  ERIN DODDS

                                                                         Lifestyle Insight Visionary

My favorite work is in a group setting where I get to impact multiple people who then not only impact each other in the same room, but leave and impact those around them.  I do this by collaborating with women in retreats, working with Jon at meetings, trainings, and masterminds, etc.  I truly believe the impact that is made in one session, retreat, or training causes a ripple of positive effects that go beyond the people in the room.


I have completed 2 40 hour intensive Rapid Resolution Therapy courses as well as 1 advanced course.  I also work directly with Dr. Jon Connelly the founder of Rapid Resolution Therapy as my personal mentor. 

My Sessions:

I am not a certified therapist, counselor or life coach.  I am a mind educator and lifestyle insight visionary.

I use Rapid Resolution Techniques to clear stuck grief, guilt, shame, resentment, anger, fear, anxiety which all get in the way of what I consider the optimal way to live.  My belief is what is best for each individual is also best for this world.

Many of my clients have overcome years of struggle with weight loss, disordered eating, eating disorders, shame and guilt associated with weight and struggle with weight. 

Some of my best success stories come from women who suffered from mom guilt, shame from divorce, and heart break who are now living fulfilled lives noticing how rich the present moment is without preoccupation.

Most people need one session to get the sticking point cleared, but I like to think of us as instruments that may need tuned from time to time. This is not an ongoing coaching approach.

About Me:

I am a mother of three whose life has been changed through the work with Rapid Resolution Therapy.  At one time I struggled with overwhelming guilt, shame, embarrassment and disapproval of self.  Over the course of my trainings with Dr. Connelly, all this has been easily lifted and eliminated.

I now live a life with my lens facing outward.  I am engaged in conversations with people without being self-conscious.  I no longer struggle with food issues or issues of feeling not worthy.   I am completely present in the moment and have more energy to put toward to present moments and where I am looking forward to going in life.

My favorite line is, “When your mind is CLEAR, You’re FREE!”

Are you ready to get shift done on your way to clarity and freedom?  Book a session today!

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