What differentiates me from other coaches and therapists is that I focus on helping people build their lives going forward rather than focusing on what is already wrong with them.

This is a process of becoming -based more on self discovery, rather than self improvement. By understanding who you are wanting to become you are able to more easily change.

It is the difference between being weighted down by the process of change (self improvement) versus being uplifted and energized by the process of change (becoming through self discovery).

If you are interested in finding out more about your self discovery process and how to more easliy become who you are wanting to be contact me directly via phone or TEXT at 815-935-5053 or email at drjdodds7@gmail.com.


Dr Jon Dodds

About me:

All of my life I have been interested in personal growth, life change, self discovery and achieving one's maximum potential--the process of becoming.

I am a former athlete, and a father of three daughters: one daughter is an elite ultramarathoner, another a gym rat workout nutrition freak, and the other daughter takes on the most difficult challenges and overcomes them and then moves onto the next difficult challenge. My wife is still running marathons at the age of 65 years. 

I have spent my entire adult life studying life change models in the fields of psychology, theology, and spirituality

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. I have a PhD in counseling. I am licensed mental health provider in the State of Illinois and in the State of Florida. I have had a private practice for 25 years.

In my personal life I am a private pilot. I enjoy playing the piano and studying jazz music. I'm happy on a beach and in or near the water, and traveling.

Contact Jon directly via phone or TEXT at 815-935-5053 or email at drjdodds7@gmail.com.

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