When working with groups, Jon and Erin work collectively with the intention of freeing up energy to maximize creativity and optimal performance where mind is seeing what is and finding opportunity, problem solving, and performing its best in the presenting situation. We do this by identifying preoccupations that are prominent in the group and educating how preoccupations, even if just running in the background, are normal but still dysfunctional, and are stealing energy that could be used for optimal performance. We work with the entire group through this phase, and even work on a few people in front of the group. The group indeed benefits from watching shift happen to others.

Then we pull out each individual for a private session to clear the personal preoccupation. As each individual is shifted, the entirety of the group benefits because all members leave cleared with mind updated, rebooted, and free of preoccupations.

We can get our work done with an intensive full day (depending on the size of the group), but can also offer a two day package to break it up, or get through a larger group.